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Author: cykloRADKA Updated: 30.12.2007

Editor in chief

test testRadka ŽÁKOVÁ (cykloRADKA)
+420 777 093 290
Skype: aknudar

I´m creator and editor this webpage in Czech and English language so I´ll welcome your ideas how to improve it. I speak Czech, English little bit French and Russian. You can contact me by e-mail or Skype.

Editors team

Helča JIRKOVSKÁ her e-mail address - deputy editor
Milan JANÍČEK his e-mail address
Míra KLAS his e-mail address
Vašek ROJÍK his e-mail address
Eva ROTTOVÁ her e-mail address
Jarda SOBOTA his e-mail address
Pepík SÝKORA his e-mail address
Jana VANĚČKOVÁ her e-mail address

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 Regionální informační portál pro cyklisty

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