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Tips for biketrips

By Paneuropean bikeroute to Bělá nad Radbuzou


First part of this bike trip to Bělá nad Radbuzou town is easy to manage for not trainded cyclists and also for families with children. It starts from terminal bike-bus stop in Železná and continue on forest roads to Bělá where you can end (f.e. with children). You can continue on the second part of this biketrip via Sycherák lake to view tower Březinka. There is possible to swimm at Sycherák lake, to take a lunch nearby and go back downhill to Bělá. There is only one hill rising on this biketrip (from Bělá) the rest is easy and out of roads so it is convenient also for family with children.


Trip length: 16km  or 40km
Start & destination: Železná/Tillyschanz (CZ/DE) - Bělá nad Radbuzou

Informační tabule Sezení venku Ubytování Restaurace, kde vaří Pro rodiny s dětmi Pro pohodové cyklisty Vzdálenost od centra Plzně 15km Vzdálenost od centra Plzně 40km
Updated: 30.01.2010

From Radbuza river springs to Hostouň


This biketrip goes through border forests and places where former villages Waldorf, Pleš, Rabov and Václav were. You will go up to hill several times and beautifull lanscape views to Czech and German will be your prize for it. Finding of the springs of Radbuza rivier will be your special experience, because most of cyclist must to walk out of saddle of his/her bike. This biketrip is intended to the cyclists whose like to discover beautifill nature, landscape views and don´t afraid climb to the top of some hill or sit off his/her bike saddle.


Trip length: 40km
Start & destination: former village Waldorf - Hostouň 

Informační tabule Sezení venku Ubytování Restaurace, kde vaří Pro bikery Cyklisté vítáni Vzdálenost od centra Plzně 40km
Updated: 30.01.2010

By Czech-German bike trails to Poběžovice

This biketrip use several international long-distance bikeroutes. It goes from the border on Paneuropa Radweg (short distance) together with Iron Curtain Greenway up to Rybnik village where join on Czech-Bavarian Friedship bikeroute from Naaburg to Horšovský Týn. So you can go through former border area full of forrests and also through forest free area farther of the border, where during downhill running you can enjoy views into inland. This biketrip is intended to the cyclists who are able to go longer trips in ondulating landscape.

Trip length: 30km
Start & destination: Železná/Tillyschanz (CZ/DE) - Poběžovice
Informační tabule Sezení venku Ubytování Restaurace, kde vaří Pro dálkové cykoturisty Vzdálenost od centra Plzně 30km
Updated: 23.01.2010

Via villages below Brdy mountains & around ruins of castles


The beginning of this bike trip goes through the Úslava valley, then along the Kornaticky stream through Kozel forests that are full of former strongholds, nature preserved areas and good forest roads. The trip continues from the town of Mirošov to the village of Vísky through the middle part of Brdy mountains near ruins of castles Dršťka and Homberk. The last part from Vísky is a beautifull ride downhills,it is full of nice views to the valley of Bradava with Spálené Poříčí in the distance.


Trip length: 39km 

Start & end: Spálené Poříčí

Updated: 03.12.2008

To beautiful landscape views across hills & valleys


This bike-trip is passing the area south of Spálené Poříčí. It goes alongside nature preserved area Kokšín, Chejlava and Bukova Hora. Koksin is full of valuable vegetation of fir-beeches, Chejlava has old mixed beech forest full of herbage and Buková hora is a nature park. There is a possibility to climb up to the view-out tower Na Skále near Železný Újezd where Pilsen or Šumava mountains are visible in when the visibility is good. There ares several places within the tour where there are nice views to Úslava and Bradava valleys. Both downhill runs from Přešín to Úslava valley belong to the best ones. This tour is for true cyclists - long uphill and downhill runs are full of beautifull views that are worth to see but good physical condition is required. The church in Nové Mitrovice is said to be build by famous baroque architect J. B. Santini and is worth seeing. There is a posibility to have a rest in Buková hora where there is a big rest place with roof called "Na Kole" in Buková hora. The vast majority of the trip is on tarmac roads with little traffic, some parts are on good forest roads.


Trip length: 37km

Start & end: Spálené Poříčí


Updated: 02.12.2008

Through beech forests to Padrtske lakes


The beginning of the trip goes along the Úslava valley, then continues via deep forests in the south part of Brdy mountain through preserved nature areas of old beech forests (Míšovské a Chýninské buky). It also passes frost rocks (Fajmanovy skály a Klenky). The next part of the tour leads to the most famous part of middle Brdy mountains. The new bikeroutes are only open Saturdays, Sundays and during holidays. The last part offers beautiful views to the valley of Spálené Poříčí. This tour is suitable for lovers of nature beauty and offers riding on quiet forest roads with landscape views. There are 3 possibilities to cut the trip short. There are long distances to ride without any refreshments, it is recommended to take food and drinks with you. Also don´t miss pub called „Grill Míšov".


Trip length: 51km

Start & end: Spálené Poříčí


Updated: 01.12.2008