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General information about cycle paths, cycle routes, their sign posting, rules and instructions for moving on bicycle in the Czech Republic

Sign-posting of the routes for cyclists


Common bike signing on cycle route

This article informes you about paths and routes for cycling, about sign-posting in the Czech Republic and show you some examples of sign posting for cyclists.

Author: cykloRADKA Updated: 29.12.2007

You can ride your bike on common car roads or on cycle paths in the Czech Republic. Cycle paths are signed by blue-white circle traffic sign with bike. Some cycle routes go on the pavement as separated lane for cyclists behind the lane for walkers; there is one lane for cyclists & walkers only on the other places - both walking and cycling people can use it together. Discretion is necessary! There is a posibility to use rural or forest roads in many places. The surface quality and marking in the maps are usually not very good.


There is relatively high density of cycle routes network in the Czech Republic - cycle routes are usually signed by yellow-black signs with direction (left arrow, right arrow, straight arrow), destination (city, village, interesting place) and number or mark of the cycle route. The number of the cycle route gives it meaning:


One digit - international long distance cycle routes (f.i. cycle route No 3 Prague - Pilsen - Regensburg goes via Pilsen)


testTwo digits - transregional long distance cycle routes (f.i. cycle route No 31 from Pilsen to Nepomuk and Blatná, No 35 from Pilsen to Manětín and Žlutice and cycle route “Přátelství” No 37 from Pilsen to Stříbro and Neustat, Norimberg and Paris


Three digits - transregional long distance cycle routes


Four digits - local cycle routes (most of local cyclo routes in Pilsen region starts on digit 2. Circle cycloroute around Pilsen city is signed by the numer 2125, only long distance cycle routes or direction to part of the Pilsen city such as Centrum, Doudlevce, Doubravka, Bory are signed inside of this circle)


If there is no arrow on the yellow-black sign cycle route continues straight.


Cycle routes going via national parks (such as National park Šumava) are signed by stripe signing similar like for walking people. This stripe signing is composed of three horizontal strips. Upper and lower stripes are yellow and middle stripe has color of the cycle route. There are yellow label signinig on the crossroads.


Cycle routes are usually marked out in maps by the violet colour.



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