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Three biketrips in Český les with using of bike-bus from Pilsen


From bike season 2009  bike bus from Pilsen can transport you to the heart of Český les. Bike-bus operates from the beginnig of May to the half of September on week-ends and on holidays. You can use three biketrips inspiration for your trip with bike to this area. There is our inspiration for you ...


Author: cykloRADKA Updated: 12.02.2010

testA lot of cyclists sais that cycling near iron curtian border worth your while. Plenty of beautifull places where former villages were and many of good forest roads with nice landscape views - all these things attract to cycling any time. Now the transport from Pilsen with bike is more comfortable and faster.



Package of 3 biketrips "By bike-bus to Český les"

Region full of empty villages, landscape several years not changed by building works of man - this is the Český les region on of the border mountains former Iron Curtain. Wide-spread forest full of good forest roads and small asphalt roads connecting foothills villagesad small towns, this is paradise for tourists, especially on the bike. Marked biketrails including two international ones attract mainly cyclists. Česky les offers nice biketrips to everyone especially from Pilsen city wchi is connected by bikebus via Stod city, Nýřany city to the cities in Česky les: Poběžovice, Hostouň and Bělá nad Radbuzou and to the end station Železná/Tillischanz on the Czech-German border. From this place you can start one of the three bike trips and to look over three cities in the end of each of them.  


Package of 3 biketrips "By bike-bus to Český les" is consisted of  

testbiketrip A - By Paneuropean bikeroute to Bělá nad Radbuzou (16 or 40 km)

biketrip B - From Radbuza river springs to Hostoun (40 km)

biketrip C - By Czech-German bike trails to Poběžovice (30 km)



Printed & www work of these 3 biketrips By bike-bus to Česky les was supported by Pilsen Region Regional Authority in 2009, operator of tourist website www.turisturaj.cz. test




Printed work is at disposal in bike-bus & infocentres in Pilsen, Bělá, Poběžovice and Hostouň.



Bike-bus timetable to Český les and back  (only selected bus stops)

Herewidth departure from selected bike-bus stops is quoted.

Whole timetable with all bike-bus stops is enclosed to this article.


 8.00 PLZEŇ, CAN  19.00
 8.20 Nýřany, Staroč.nám.
 8.33 Stod
 8.46 Staňkov, nám.
 9.00 Horšovský Týn
 9.11 Poběžovice žst.  17.47
Hostouň  17.38
 9.30 BĚLÁ n/R, město
 9.32 Bělá n/R, rozc.
 9.36 Smolov, statek
 9.37 Smolov, konzum
 9.38 Smolov, Chrz  17.20
 9.40 Smolov, Hvozd
 9.44 kaplička, rozc.  17.15
 9.50 ŽELEZNÁ, hranice  17.10





















Bike-bus operates from 1st May to 28th September 2010 on Staurdays, Sundays and public holidays.


Prize ticket for people and bikes

testPrize is done under special price list (is enclosed in Czech language only) and depends on your distance. F.i. the price from Pilsen to Poběžovice (58 km): adult person will pay 74 CZK (no discounts), child from 6 to 15 years age or dog etc. will pay 27 CZK; ticket from Pilsen to Bělá nad Radbuzou (70 km) will cost for adult person 84 CZK, reduced  ticket for child etc. 31 CZK. In the case to pay by using ČSAD chip card the passenger get 5% discount. ISTC (ISIC, ALIVE, ITIC) card holders can use 20% discount. Price of family ticket for maximally 5 persons (max two of them older 18 year) costs as two tickets for adults.


You will pay lumpsum tax for your bike 30 CZK for one way ticket regardless of the distance 30 CZK. For return bike ticket you can use "return discount ticket" in the amount of 20 CZK. Reduced return bike ticket you can get if you will show the ticket from upstream journey not older 36hours of its emission. Ticket for folding baby carrier, baby bike-trailer and  children´s bike (up to 6 years old children) is free of charge.


It is possible to book your seat in bike-bus in Pilsen Central bus station (CAN), Husova street No 60. During working days from 8 a.m. to 14 p.m. personally or by phone on telephone number 377 327 272 (Czech language only).
Booking is possible to the destination Železná only from starting station it is "Plzeň, CAN". For upstream ride the booking is possible  from bike-bus stops from Bělá nad Radbuzou to Železná.










Bike-bus timetable (9.50 kB)